The Conversation That Started It All

Joey: heyy
Meg: dude, best idea EVAR!!!!!
Joey: ooh, do tell
Meg: well i was reading an old teen vogue 2day, avoiding my chores as usu, rite?
Joey: mmhmm
Meg: & theres this article in it thats about how 2 become famous
Joey: o rly
Meg: which we both wud like, rite?
Joey: lol i suppose
Meg: we need to start our own website!
it would be fun
me: yeah, really
Joey: so what kind of website would we have?
Meg: well idk, watever we want, we cud blog, & display art, we cud even sell our designs!
Joey: ooh gurl
we should do it!!
Meg: ok, well 1st thing's 1st
what do we call it?
Joey: ooh, well i think we have to decide what it's gonna be first, right?
Meg: well idk, wat wud u wanna do?
Joey: well idk, could we just talk about everything? (movies,tv,books,fashion, etc.)
Meg: of courseness!
Joey: lol, so what do we call that?
Meg: i was thinking along the lines of- the guide to everything fabulous
Joey: ooh, i like it
it's punchy
Meg: tnx
Joey: lol
Meg: we do wanna get noticed
Joey: lol
let's get one of those planes with the text that goes above the beach
Meg: rofl, i actually might b able 2 arrange that
but i dont think we shud exploit ourselves...
Joey: lol, so maybe we'll dye our hair pink to be edgy
Meg: perez much?
Joey: yes
Joey: omg
this is so exciting
we're the next miley cyrus
Meg: eww, u want a bunch of middle school grrls drooling over u?
no, were classier than that!
Joey: g2g
me: kks, ill research this stuff
bye <3
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