A Sort-Of Interview With Karl Lagerfeld

If you aren't familar with Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life, make yourself familiar. It's a masterpiece of a blog written by someone channeling Karl Lagerfeld that is generally a horribly offensive view of the normal world. There are very few people that Karl does not find utterly demode, but in my interview with him he revealed these people along with much, much more.

Joey:Hello Karl! It's great to talk to you. How are the Spring collections going?
Karl:Hello. They're going great. I'm ready for next season!
J:On a stranded island which is more important to bring?Chanel weights or the Chanel safety pin?
K:Oh, the safety pin to keep safe.
J:You talk a lot about people who are demode. Who is not demode to you?
K:Anna, Me, Yves, you know....the beautiful ones.
J:Now that you don't want to speak to Lindsay anymore, Who is your next starlet of choice?
K:Mm. They're all so demode now. So boring, so controlled.
J:You said in an interview that you hate all children, did you hate yourself when you were a child?
K:I was never a child. Ever. I came out of my mothers womb in a suit and sunglasses.
J:I know you like Diet Coke, have you ever tried Coke Zero?
K:Are you a spy from someplace to place insidious thoughts in my mind about trying that so-called drink??
...There's your answer. Karl knows best. Remember this.
J:If Claudia Schiffer didn't exist, who would be in your ad campaigns?
K:But, Claudia must exist. It's impossible for her not to, hmmmm?
There is always a Claudia around. So I guess the campaigns would have no one in them.
J:What is your favorite documentary about yourself?
K:I hate them all, equally. Documentaries aren't for watching anyway, hmm?
J:Which line of yours do you prefer? Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, or Fendi?
K:Which me are we talking about, hmmm? Fashion today is for mixing. There is no labels- labels are for fat people, for whores, for rich peasants, you know? No lines. Today we mix a Mozart with a Beethoven, and so on. I don't have a favourite- they are for mixing. Mixing mixing mixing.
J:I hear you're in Mary Kate and Ashley's new coffee table book. How did that interview go?
K:It went well, I feel. Mary Kate is like a little china banana, you know?
J:Will you ever give up any of your lines to another designer?

Thank you Karl!
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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way from Full House. As Mary Kate continues to dress impeccably,design for The Row,and take small acting roles, and Ashley sort of does the same, you can tell they've pretty much got it made. So, truthfully, they can do whatever they want. And it's no surprise that their choice involves the fashion and art they surround themselves with.They've interviewed some of the modern day artists that no doubt influence them, and these interviews, along with copious pictures, will be featured in their new coffee table book Influence. Some of the artists featured are Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, and Terry Richardson. The book arrives in stores on October 28th, but is now available for pre-order on Amazon.
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5 Reasons to Watch Model.Live

A few weeks ago it was announced that Vogue and IMG (International Model Group) will be teaming up for an internet reality show about the lives of models. Of course you're skeptical, what with Top Model, 8th and Ocean, Make Me a Supermodel, A Model Life, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and so on and so on. But this one is different. Here's why.

1.IMG and Vogue are the top dogs as far as the modeling and fashion worlds go.

2.Some of the girls have already gotten big jobs, and the ones who haven't more than likely will.

3.The show has promised to be
really real, depicting eating disorders, difficulties for ethnic models, and more.

4.This is Vogue trying to reach younger audiences, whom they've gotten quite out of touch with.

5.Because it's the first modeling show that has ever sounded authentic.

Model.Live premieres on Vogue.tv on August 19th.

picture from thefashionspot.com
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The Search for the Perfect Radio Station

We've all experienced it. We dial, push, tune, etc. until we find anything that we can at least tolerate on the radio. Once whatever's left of the song is over, another one comes on that we dislike. So the process repeats itself. Lately I've had it just about up to here with that process, so I set out to find a way around it.
My search began with Launchcast. Launchcast is yahoo's customized station that collects information about your favorite artists, genres, albums, and songs. As the songs play you adjust them to hopefully tweak the station more to your preferences. I'd toyed around with it a few years ago, so my station needed a little revision. Once I'd finished with that, it felt like I had found the perfect station. But apparently my taste was too limited, so launchcast decided I could do with some expansion. It got to the point where I had to skip 20 songs I had never heard of just to get to one I liked. So I continued my search.
My next step was internet radio. I assumed that someone out there would play the songs I wanted to hear, and the world of internet radio seemed expansive enough. I went to shoutcast.com because I knew they listed the songs the station was currently playing. I looked at the categories they listed. None of them seemed to define what I was looking for. So I searched for the best way I could define the genre I wanted. None of the stations were playing anything I liked. I decided that internet radio wasn't for me.
Then I remembered yes.com. yes.com tracks the songs played on almost every radio station under the sun. I tried searching for artists I liked, because with yes.com yo can keep track of what stations are playing certain artists. I clicked on the profiles of all the stations that played the artist that I liked to see if I liked anything else they were playing. If they were, I went to the station's website and listened to their online stream. I found some stations, but none of them were as perfect as I was looking for.
As a last ditch attempt I googled "the perfect radio station" and found pandora. Pandora asks you simply for one artist, genre, or song you like, then determines what musical qualities that item has, and puts together a playlist based on it. I found that it got boring very fast. Their catalog doesn't appear to be as large as launchcast's and I didn't recognize any of the songs it chose for me. I know that seems a little beside the point, but I like to know the music I listen to before I listen to it.
In the end, I'll probably listen to my launchcast station from time to time, and maybe some of the stations I found on yes.com, but I never really found my perfect radio station. What do you think? Is there such a thing as the perfect radio station? Can you recommend something for me to try? Tell us in the comments!
picture from thefader.com
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So I'm kind of off duty by my own choice but I thought I would just do something fun and post my polyvores!
If you'd like to try your own, it's polyvore.com. Post yours in the comments!

To see a few more, click

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Tavi the Style Rookie

In our days of precocious child stars and Miley Cyrus world domination it might not even surprise you that a 12 year old girl can compete with the fashion blog world. Tavi, who describes herself as "a vertically challenged 12 year old that could fit inside your purse," manages to pull this off and show maturity that her Jonas Brothers adoring peers couldn't imagine. She calls herself a "style rookie" but from what I've seen she could rival a lot of people with her style. And while I may have a few years on her it's painfully obvious that she's a whole lot cooler than I am. She provides in-depth knowledge on the fashion world that I doubt many people possess. Not to mention that the majority of her clothes are from thrift stores and vintage shops, proving that true style comes not from money but from a quality that few truly have. Anyway, the point is that her blog is my new favorite (even if she is apparently considering quitting) and I highly suggest you check it out at www.tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com.
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New Music Post!

In order to really be on top of everything fabulous, it's important to stay up to date with the next big things in music. So, in keeping up with that idea, I've searched everywhere for the best of the newest of the new.

The Fieros
The fieros are a dallas-based unsigned group formerly known as The Valentines. They list Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Stone Roses, Oasis, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Big Bang, Caesars, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, The Who, The Staple Singers, Ray Charles, and Joe Cocker as their influences on Myspace. Listen to their Songbird EP below.
Songbird EP
The Fieros are currently recording, but in the mean time all of these songs are available to download for free on their myspace.
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The Ting Tings
You've probably heard Shut Up and Let Me Go on either an iPod commercial or Gossip Girl, but now it's time to put a name to the song. The Ting Tings are an indie pop duo with a number one album in their native England. You can hear some of those songs below.
The Ting Tings
We Started Nothing is available in stores now.

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
Despite the distracting name, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head is an electro group from Seattle. Listen to their debut album Glistening Pleasure below
Natalie Portmans Shaved Head "Glistening Pleasure"
Glistening Pleasure is available now.

The Black Kids
The Black Kids are an indie pop group from Jacksonville, Florida who were named one of Rolling Stone's Ten Artists to Watch last year. Below is their album Partie Traumatic
Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
Partie Traumatic
was released today (June 22nd, 2008) in North America.

Hercules and Love Affair
Hercules and Love Affair is a Disco group based in New York. They have released a Self Titled album to good critical reception. Hear it below.
hercules and love affair
Hercules and Love Affair is now available.
pictures from myspace.com,fannation.com,sacbee.com, soundonthesound.com,and thefader.com

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Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta

I should preface this by saying that I really am no film critic. If I were you, I wouldn't base whether or not you see a movie on my critique. But, nevertheless, there are some things I can tell you about The Wackness. The first thing is that director/writer Jonathan Levine loves the '90s. How else could you explain the countless references and deliberate placement of all things '90s? But the problem is, the film feels a little weighted by all of it. It seems as if Levine would rather remind us constantly of the era the film is taking place in than the story itself. New York City in 1994 is a perfect backdrop for the events taking place, but trying to make the decade a character in itself was a little bit too much. And yet you can't blame him for being nostalgic. It is possibly his enthusiasm for what he is portraying that makes the film feel so genuine.
The story goes something like this: Luke Shapiro (Josh Peck) is an unpopular soon-to-be-ex high school student who, to paraphrase a classmate, is "only good for weed." He takes on the challenge of drug dealing and strikes a deal with a therapist, Dr. Squires (Sir Ben Kingsley), to exchange marijuana for therapy sessions. But it turns out that the man who is supposed to be helping people achieve happiness and inner-peace can't seem to find it himself. He yearns to be a teenager again, and befriends Shapiro as a way of achieving this. Luke tells the Dr. of his problems with girls and in no time Dr. Squires becomes somewhat of a mentor to him, making sure he doesn't make the same mistakes he did. But it turns out the only girl Luke really wants is Stephanie (Juno's Olivia Thirlby) , Dr. Squires' stepdaughter, the good kind of bad girl (or is it the bad kind of good girl?)
To add to his problems, Luke's parents are teetering on poverty, so he begins to deal drugs full time, as a way to support his family. This is where Mary Kate Olsen comes in, as spacey modern day hippie Union with pseudo-dreadlocks. Dr. Squires' quest for youth leads to the now-famous makeout scene between him and union, but his life, and his marriage, continue to deteriorate. What really surprised me was that among all the drama were really some funny moments, mostly lines from Dr. Squires. In the end, the story leaves much to be desired, but it's fitting for the characters who really see no point in change. Ultimately, I enjoyed it, and I think it shows promise for up and coming actors Josh Peck and Olivia Thirlby.

The Wackness is now playing in select cities and will open nationwide August 1st. Rated R.

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August Magazine Covers

Around the middle of every month we get all the next month's magazine covers. It's always fun to see, from the good ones to the awful ones. Here are next month's.

Kate Moss
To see the rest,click
Harper's Bazaar
Jessica Biel

Dazed & Confused
Katrin Thormann

Mischa Barton

Gisele Bundchen

Penelope Cruz

Naomi Campbell & Stefano Pilati

Mariah Carey

Eva Mendes

Heidi Mount

pictures from popsugar.com,thefashionspot.com,frillr.com,justjared.buzznet.com,thebosh.com,and people.com
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The CFDA/Vogue Fund Nominees

The Council of Fashion Designers of America teams up with Vogue every year to find the most talented up and coming new designers who ultimately compete for a fund to help their businesses. The winner of the fund not only receives money but also invaluable mentorship and plenty of mentions in Vogue. Last year's winner was Rogan Gregory of Rogan, who now has a Target GO collection in stores. This year's finalists are Albertus Q. Swanepoel, a milliner, Alejandro Ingelmo, a shoe designer, Alexander Wang, a womenswear designer, Irene Neuwirth, a jewelry designer, Jason Wu, a womenswear designer, Juan Carlos Obando, a womenswear designer, Obedient Sons & Daughters, a menswear design duo that recently expanded in to womenswear, John Patrick Organic, a women and menswear designer, Richard Chai, a womenswear designer, and Vena Cava, a womenswear label. To learn more about the designers, as well as see work from them, click

Albertus Q. Swanepoel
Albertus Swanepoel was an award winning clothing designer in his native South Africa, until he moved to New York and began focusing on accessories. He enrolled in night classes at F.I.T. and has since had his hats displayed on the runways of Thakoon, Proenza Schouler, Betsey Johnson, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. He also sells his own line of men's hats.

Alejandro Ingelmo
Alejandro Ingelmo's family has a history of shoemaking. So it was only natural that, after studying at Parsons, he would take over his great grandfather's company and make it a celebrity favorite.

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang went to New York to study at Parsons at 18, but ended up dropping out to do his first collection sophomore year. Since then he has had tremendous success with his company.

Irene Neuwirth
Irene Neuwirth began making necklaces for herself in college, and upon realizing their popularity founded her company. Since then her jewelry has popped up on legions of celebrities, recently on Angelina Jolie when she debuted her baby bump at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Jason Wu
Jason Wu was born in Taipei but has also lived in Vancouver, Paris, and Tokyo. In his senior year of high school he decided to become a designer, and went to New York to study at Parsons. His first collection was S/S 2007.

Juan Carlos Obando
Juan Carlos Obando accomplished an amazing feat last season when he showed his collection, entirely sewn by hand himself. He debuted at LA fashion week in 2004 and signaled hope for what was generally a bleak roster of collections.

Obedient Sons & Daughters
Obedient Sons was founded in San Francisco in 2002 by Swaim Hutson. In 2006 he relocated to New York to relaunch the brand. In 2007 his wife Christina became co-designer andthey began incorporating womenswear into their line.

John Patrick Organic
John Patrick wants the world to think green. And he makes it a lot easier with his effortless designs, made out of organic cotton he grows himself and recycled wool. He uses all natural dyes that do not harm the environment and operates factories all over the world. His tank tops have already been featured in Vogue.
Richard Chai
Richard Chai debuted his line in 2004 after designing for Marc Jacobs and TSE. He has been critically acclaimed ever since. His much anticipated line for Target's GO collection comes to stores next month.

Rogan Gregory manages three lines, including EDUN, an ethically concious line backed by Bono & his wife. He was the last designer to do a Target GO collection.

Vena Cava
California natives Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock went to Parsons and almost immediately after graduating began working on their first collection. They've been showing for five years now and have developed quite a following.

The winner is announced on November 17th. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled out for all of them!
pictures from fashionweekdaily.com, nymag.com, stylelinks.net,wmagazine.com,newsday.com,helloblackbird.blogspot.com,inhabitat.com,papermag.com,kitmeout.com, and refinery29.com

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Hello Readers

For the 1 of you who has come to this blog more than once, this is just to explain where Meg has been recently. She's taking a little vacation for the next week or so while she works on a big post. Let's just say that we love YouTube here, and we're gonna be interviewing some familiar faces. Until then, you're stuck with me and my excessive TV posts (sorry about that). So Enjoy!

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Yet Another Project Runway Post

So, of course course everyone and their Nana Lohan is talking about Project Runway today, but I have to chime in. While I was watching last night there were some things that I truly couldn't keep my mouth shut about. And as a healthy exercise of emotional release, I'm gonna blog it (as the kids are saying) and hope that you care!


File these under "You were thinking it."

Stop It Blayne, aka That's Enough out of you Blayne
He looks like Kenneth from 30 rock with a meth problem. Get rid of THIS a.s.a.p.
Side note to Blayne:Stop trying to make "Holla at ya boy" happen. It's not going to happen.

My Favorite Look
by Leanne

The Judges' Favorite Look
by Kelli

Truly Awful
by Jerry
by Blayne (Kill It)
by Suede

My Picks
Why:Because he worked at Marc Jacobs, obviously, plus his strong personal style shows through the clothes he wears himself.
Why:Because the pictures they showed from her portfolio showed a lot of talent. Plus her dress was my favorite.

Doll Face
The stuff of nightmares. What do we think? Botox? Eva Longoria's placenta cream?

Bye Bye Jerry! You deserved it!

All pictures (except for Blayne) from bravotv.com. Blayne from westseattleblog.com

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