The Pembroke Cowl in Charcoal, available for $115
In the Winter, you're never fully dressed without a scarf. Ever since Rodarte made knitwear cool again, it is suffice to say that it is precisely that which has been on everybody's mind. I recently stumbled upon Yokoo, a popular Etsy (a modern-day craft bazaar, for those unfamiliar) seller who makes covetable chunky knits in the form of scarves, hats, and even bows. Her prices range from $30-$150, making them perfect gifts for your upcoming holiday of choice. What could possibly be more fabulous than handmade knitwear for your loved ones? To see some of my favorite pieces, click

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Are You Cold?

My Favorite Jackets From This Fall's Runways

Although it's been months since the Spring collections debuted, you might have noticed that it's a cold, cold world out there. It's true, Winter has unoficially arrived, along with the frigid air. If you can't beat it, embrace it! Here's a little bit of inspiration to guide you on your way to fabulous. See? We don't call us The Guide to Everything Fabulous for nothing!

Yigal Azrouel

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Behnaz Sarafpour

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Cynthia Rowley


Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Obedient Sons & Daughters









Comme des Garcons

Stella McCartney

Yves Saint Laurent

Sonia Rykiel

Antonio Berardi

(I LOVE this one so much I wanna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant)

Thank you and stay fabulous!
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Something We Can All Be Thankful For

15-year-old Kate Moss, Reppin' the Indians/Native Americans
With Thanksgiving being today, I think we should all take the opportunity to remember what we are (or should be) thankful for. So it is without further ado that we present the things we are most thankful for.

  • This blog, and the person who writes it with me.
  • The world of fashion, which never ceases to inspire.
  • Readers, because they make writing much more important.
  • Christmas, because it's the most genius thing ever:get people to buy you things even though you didn't do anything.
  • The bad economy, because it gives people something to talk about. "YES, I am provocative."
  • Oh that last one reminded me, 30 Rock, for being amazing.
  • My crazy family
  • Their cooking
  • Text messages (Can't live without them!)
  • My fab partner in blogging
  • The few returning readers we get
Thank you everyone! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!
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December Magazine Covers

Hello everyone! As you can see, we've been revamped, and it's back to business.

Harper's Bazaar
Lindsay Lohan

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Jennifer Aniston

Cate Blanchett

Lily Allen

Leona Lewis

Teen Vogue
Kristen Stewart

Marie Claire
Jennifer Connelly

Nicole Kidman

Jessica Simpson

Dazed & Confused
Kate Somers

Blake Lively
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Pushing Daisies is on tonight (Thursday the 18th) at 8:00 on ABC. If you don't watch it I will personally hunt you down and kill you.

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The Circus Comes to Town

I think Britney herself said it best with "It's been awhile." Although it's been only a few years since she last tore up the charts, her erratic behavior was better at selling tabloids than albums. Now that she's really back this time, she's got a solid album to prove it. In fact, you'll be glad to know that lead single Womanizer is one of the lesser tracks in comparison. Womanizer feels flat when compared with the hyper, chantey feel of songs like the salacious If U Seek Amy (try saying it out loud, or rather in your head if there are people around.) Elsewhere, she succeeds with the confident Kill The Lights, cooing "is that money in your pocket, or you're happy to see me?" in reference to her famed experiences with the paparazzi. Surprisingly, one of my favorite moments comes in the down-tempo techno track Unusual You. It's gentle without being contrived, and still remains a standout. Speaking of standouts, there's also the title track Circus, with a chorus sure to be on everyone's lips in a matter of days; the introspective Blur where Britney admits she "can't remember what I did last night;"the chaotic Mannequin, which is actually downright experimental for arguably the most mainstream artist in the world; and the bass-slapping Lace & Leather, which feels like a tongue in cheek take on a Prince/Janet Jackson sound-a-like. The duds? My Baby, although certainly sweet, is one of the more boring songs I've heard in a while and Out From Under tries too hard to be emotional. Otherwise, it's a great album that I would definitely recommend as well as give the The Guide to Everything Fabulous stamp of approval. Circus hits stores December 2nd.
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Won't You Run And Tell Your Boyfriend

Just when you think everything possible has been done to denim, another trend sparks. Over the summer, Katie Holmes embraced the trend of boyfriend jeans, an idealized fit that emulates gender-bending in the jean department. Her insistence upon wearing them daily for what seemed like a month sparked a major discussion. But it wasn't her who pioneered the trend. In fact, its emergence in fashion can probably traced back to Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 show. It was that season that, in his runway debut, he sent Chanel Iman down the runway in a loose fit among a sea of skinny jeans. Those seemingly failed to take off, but it wasn't long until the look was adapted into "peg-leg" with the ankles being cuffed to create that tapered silhouette that is currently all the rage. Now the trend is fully taking off, thanks in part to them being fully embraced by the fashionably inclined. But when we're seeing drop crotch pants, loose fitting jeans, and pajamas on the runway; does this means that the lines between comfort and style are finally blurring?

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Bah Humbug

When I was handed a holiday-themed cup at Starbucks this morning, it was difficult to hold back my rage long enough to slurp down my drink. For some reason, the powers that be have decided that as soon as Halloween ends, Christmas begins. Pretty soon, the holiday commercials will be replacing the political ones as the most repetitive and annoying. Before you get the wrong impression, I'm all for Christmas. If anyone's excited to trim the tree and deck the halls, it's me. But every year it seems to come earlier and earlier. The two month long build-up leads more to fatigue than excitement. Another problem I have is that most of it is a way for people to make money, not necessarily in the spirit of Christmas. Not to mention how hurt Thanksgiving must feel about all this. Why can't we focus on Indians and pilgrims, for at least a couple of weeks? After Thanksgiving, I give you the green light to spread your holiday cheer.
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For some reason, the TV universe is so unbalanced that there's room for about a million CSI spin-offs and a new version of Knight Rider, but heavily favored/highly superior shows struggle to stay on the air. The latest of this kind to face the chopping block is Pushing Daisies. Known for its twisted plot lines and timeless romanticism, Pushing Daisies premiered last Fall to favorable critical reviews. It quickly built a small but passionate fanbase, averaging 9.42 million views last season. But it became a victim of the writer's strike and didn't return to finish up the season. So when it premiered again this fall, the ratings dropped to 6.10 million. Now, the rumors are rampant that the show might not get a full season pickup. I shudder to think of a world where I can't get my weekly dose of saccharine sweet murder-mystery. But luckily no action has been taken yet. There's still a few things you can do. For a listing of those things, you can go here. And, please, if you aren't already watching this show, start now.

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More Sage Wisdom From Fake Karl

Describe the "impossible smell" of the reporter at your show.
Coke. As in, genuine coke. With sugar. Eww.

Pretend like you're firing me from this blog. What would you say?
You are demode. You filthy demode person. You filthy, rotting demode person. You are DEMODE!

You recently discovered that you have a daughter. Do you have any
plans to discover any more children in the future?
You know, there's this Irish girl who offered...maybe she'll become number 2. We'll see.

Your Cafe Press store is amazing! Who does the drawings?
I do them in my sleep, actually. I don't sleep...which contradicts that, hmm? It's a pity that we have found CafePress demode, and therefore, may shut it down.

If you had a magazine what would it be called? Feel free to give details.
It would not have a name. Cats do not need names; and this magazine would be a pretty chic cat. It would not be made out of "paper" per se, but quilted Chanel tweed (yes, we can do that).

What did you dress up as for halloween?
I dressed up as.....Karl Lagerfeld. People say "you look JUST like Karl Lagerfeld!", and I go "of course, hmmmm?"

What does Martin Margiela look like? I know you know.
A total queen.

I hear you've got a thing for rap music. Who is your favorite rapper and why?
Can I have two? Of course I can; I'm Karl Lagerfeld. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Hilarious; witty; chic.

Give us your trend report. What was the main trend at the spring shows?
Trends? Ugly clothes. Transparency. Transparency to see people's ugliness.

What is your favorite kind of girl scout cookies?
Cookies contain calories. They are PLASTIC.

If you were thinking a color right now what would it be?
Mm....Telephones....to lick.

What do you do to get inspired for your collections?
I don't! Inspiration is a word which only the mediocre designers use. I prefer not to talk about the collections at all; I say: shuttup and work. (More then a few of them need this advice, hmmm?) Read more!


Regular posting will resume later today.

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