For some reason, the TV universe is so unbalanced that there's room for about a million CSI spin-offs and a new version of Knight Rider, but heavily favored/highly superior shows struggle to stay on the air. The latest of this kind to face the chopping block is Pushing Daisies. Known for its twisted plot lines and timeless romanticism, Pushing Daisies premiered last Fall to favorable critical reviews. It quickly built a small but passionate fanbase, averaging 9.42 million views last season. But it became a victim of the writer's strike and didn't return to finish up the season. So when it premiered again this fall, the ratings dropped to 6.10 million. Now, the rumors are rampant that the show might not get a full season pickup. I shudder to think of a world where I can't get my weekly dose of saccharine sweet murder-mystery. But luckily no action has been taken yet. There's still a few things you can do. For a listing of those things, you can go here. And, please, if you aren't already watching this show, start now.

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Leigh said...

I hate when that happens, I am still bothered by unfinished story lines from others that were pulled, but lets hope this one stays.