Bah Humbug

When I was handed a holiday-themed cup at Starbucks this morning, it was difficult to hold back my rage long enough to slurp down my drink. For some reason, the powers that be have decided that as soon as Halloween ends, Christmas begins. Pretty soon, the holiday commercials will be replacing the political ones as the most repetitive and annoying. Before you get the wrong impression, I'm all for Christmas. If anyone's excited to trim the tree and deck the halls, it's me. But every year it seems to come earlier and earlier. The two month long build-up leads more to fatigue than excitement. Another problem I have is that most of it is a way for people to make money, not necessarily in the spirit of Christmas. Not to mention how hurt Thanksgiving must feel about all this. Why can't we focus on Indians and pilgrims, for at least a couple of weeks? After Thanksgiving, I give you the green light to spread your holiday cheer.

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