More Sage Wisdom From Fake Karl

Describe the "impossible smell" of the reporter at your show.
Coke. As in, genuine coke. With sugar. Eww.

Pretend like you're firing me from this blog. What would you say?
You are demode. You filthy demode person. You filthy, rotting demode person. You are DEMODE!

You recently discovered that you have a daughter. Do you have any
plans to discover any more children in the future?
You know, there's this Irish girl who offered...maybe she'll become number 2. We'll see.

Your Cafe Press store is amazing! Who does the drawings?
I do them in my sleep, actually. I don't sleep...which contradicts that, hmm? It's a pity that we have found CafePress demode, and therefore, may shut it down.

If you had a magazine what would it be called? Feel free to give details.
It would not have a name. Cats do not need names; and this magazine would be a pretty chic cat. It would not be made out of "paper" per se, but quilted Chanel tweed (yes, we can do that).

What did you dress up as for halloween?
I dressed up as.....Karl Lagerfeld. People say "you look JUST like Karl Lagerfeld!", and I go "of course, hmmmm?"

What does Martin Margiela look like? I know you know.
A total queen.

I hear you've got a thing for rap music. Who is your favorite rapper and why?
Can I have two? Of course I can; I'm Karl Lagerfeld. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Hilarious; witty; chic.

Give us your trend report. What was the main trend at the spring shows?
Trends? Ugly clothes. Transparency. Transparency to see people's ugliness.

What is your favorite kind of girl scout cookies?
Cookies contain calories. They are PLASTIC.

If you were thinking a color right now what would it be?
Mm....Telephones....to lick.

What do you do to get inspired for your collections?
I don't! Inspiration is a word which only the mediocre designers use. I prefer not to talk about the collections at all; I say: shuttup and work. (More then a few of them need this advice, hmmm?)

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