Something We Can All Be Thankful For

15-year-old Kate Moss, Reppin' the Indians/Native Americans
With Thanksgiving being today, I think we should all take the opportunity to remember what we are (or should be) thankful for. So it is without further ado that we present the things we are most thankful for.

  • This blog, and the person who writes it with me.
  • The world of fashion, which never ceases to inspire.
  • Readers, because they make writing much more important.
  • Christmas, because it's the most genius thing ever:get people to buy you things even though you didn't do anything.
  • The bad economy, because it gives people something to talk about. "YES, I am provocative."
  • Oh that last one reminded me, 30 Rock, for being amazing.
  • My crazy family
  • Their cooking
  • Text messages (Can't live without them!)
  • My fab partner in blogging
  • The few returning readers we get
Thank you everyone! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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