5 Reasons to Watch Model.Live

A few weeks ago it was announced that Vogue and IMG (International Model Group) will be teaming up for an internet reality show about the lives of models. Of course you're skeptical, what with Top Model, 8th and Ocean, Make Me a Supermodel, A Model Life, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and so on and so on. But this one is different. Here's why.

1.IMG and Vogue are the top dogs as far as the modeling and fashion worlds go.

2.Some of the girls have already gotten big jobs, and the ones who haven't more than likely will.

3.The show has promised to be
really real, depicting eating disorders, difficulties for ethnic models, and more.

4.This is Vogue trying to reach younger audiences, whom they've gotten quite out of touch with.

5.Because it's the first modeling show that has ever sounded authentic.

Model.Live premieres on Vogue.tv on August 19th.

picture from thefashionspot.com


Jillian said...

hmmm i keep seeing this but i've not watched it i def want to now tho!

Ida said...

Sounds quite promising - will have to check this one out.