Iced Chai Tea: move over lemonade

Wow, my first post! No pressure right? Well i shouldn't worry, since the fabulousness of this topic speaks for itself. I came across it one hot day last week. My family was making dinner, and in true southern fashion, we had to have some iced tea. Unfortunately, we were fresh out of regular tea. However, upon further inspection, we found a box of vanilla chai tea, right next to the hot coco mix. It was then that we decided to experiment, and the results just blew my mind! That's right, that amazing pick-me-up for a dreary winter day can also be refreshing and cool for the summer. Just add ice. So we made a whole pitcher of it, and as soon as i took a sip, i said "this is going to be the next big thing!" So go ahead and make yourself some. You'll see what i mean. Just follow the directions on the box and don't forget sugar.

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