Going Gaga for Lady GaGa

From the minute Lady GaGa steps on the stage it's clear she marches to the beat of her own drum. Everything from the space age outfits to the cult-like backup dancers she is rarely seen without feel like something from the future;Yet she is heavily influenced by the 70's and 80's in her general approach to music. Overall, her style is a little Gwen Stefani, a little David Bowie, and a lot of mystique. But instead of shying away from the mainstream, she embraces it wholeheartedly and is fascinated with fame in general. So much so that she titled her album The Fame and dedicated several songs to it. And she's done a lot of research, spending the last couple of years writing for major artists, most recently for Britney Spears' forthcoming album. Keep an eye out for her, because there's a good chance she's about to become a phenomenon.
BONUS:to listen to some of her album The Fame, click
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