Liam Kyle Sullivan Interview

I must say, we really hit the jackpot this time! He's the man who starred in the "shoes" video (and many others) as Kelly, the most fabulous betch on YouTube.

Thank you so much for being with us today Mr. Sullivan! I'm a huge fan! I hope you don't mind, I'm just going to jump right into the questions-

1. So what got you into making videos?
No one would hire me to play a teenaged girl and her family, or a deranged muffin-maker, so I did it myself. I bought a nice camera and went to town. I figured I'd show the videos to my friends and anyone who would be interested. Then YouTube got invented. It's all in the timing.

2. Do your videos have any autobiographical overtones in them?
I think my characters are all freaks, and I kind of think of myself as a freak. In a good way. So they all kind of mirror that "outsider" part of me.

3. What is your favorite kind of muffin? (lol sorry, just had to ask)
Blueberry. BORING

4. Do you get recognized in public often? If so, is it more flattering or creepy?
It's very flattering when I get recognized, but I don't get recognized often. One time I was talking to a kid, he was like McLovin, and when he found out who I was, he FREAKED and started taking pictures like crazy. It was great!

5. Since you've made these viral videos, you've been on several tv shows and even won a peoples choice award! What has that been like?
Really satisfying. I've worked for nothing for years, writing my own stuff; I've played grandmothers, invalid schizophrenics, delusional pastors...but it was the teenage girl that really hit. Awesome.

6. Do you think Kelly is a role model for teen girls?
Yes, I do. She is not that bright, not that good-looking, and gets ridiculed for it by her family, but Kelly gets what she wants. She won't sit still for ridicule, she stands up for herself. She gives voice to her rage and doesn't take BS from anyone. That's admirable, even if she drops f-bombs and punches people out along the way, which obviously is not role model behavior.

7. Can we look forward to any more videos staring Purple Man?

8. What are your hopes for your future?
I hope to swim a lot more frequently. I also plan on making lots more videos with new characters...look for Susan Walker, Kelly's aunt, to put out an album this fall...

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