Passing Judgement:90210

Last night was the 2 hour premiere of 90210 that the CW hyped up to be "the biggest event of the year." Yeah, ok. It seems that in the midst of the hype they thought no one would notice the formulaic characters, shoddy writing, and sometimes unbearable acting. Well, CW, I noticed. The only upside was seeing Jessica Walter basically being Lucille Bluth again, which would have tasted much sweeter if this were the Arrested Development movie. But I have to say, I can handle the good girl, the rich/mean girl, and even the heart-of-gold jock. But the worst offender was surely The Wilsons' adopted son Dixon, who loves to share his feelings with whoever will listen. No I don't want to listen to him gripe about the pains of being adopted, thank you very much. And what's up with the Principal/father? Please tell me someone else caught his creepy two-face eyes. So here's a challenge to everyone involved. Surprise me! I'll keep watching until I can't bear it anymore, which might be never if things go well.
Note:Meg actually liked it, but mostly because of the music.

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