DIY decor day


See this? wanna make this? (yes you do)

For those of you asking, "what the heck is that?", it's a rock ok? ( I can't take full credit for this idea though, these books got me started- http://www.linwellford.com/ordering.html) There are some upsides to rock pumpkins, like they don't grow mold like real pumpkins (and if your basement/attic is like mine you might have experienced fake pumpkins growing mold as well... yeah, ew) They also don't cost you a dime!
So basically you just find a smooth river stone, which is as easy as taking a walk in the woods, and then just go to town. Then you'll need orange, brown, and green acrylic paint. First you paint the whole rock orange. Sketch the face out in pencil, before filing it in with brown (or black) paint. Next add the green stem, and maybe a leaf or a vine. Then I highlighted the features by outlining the with a lighter brown. Lastly, you might want to spray them with some clear polyurethane to ensure the paint doesn't peel.

Another thing you can make, if you can find some smaller, rounded stones, is this creepy eyeball. Or you could make a whole pumpkin patch! Go crazy... Its Halloweek after all!

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