Secret Shopping

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in the 50's? All that domestic bliss made for a shop-happy society where money was meant to be spent. Today, as the economy is scarier than anything your neighbors could possible muster up for Halloween, you're more likely to be considering the necessity of food than shopping sprees. But for those of us who'd rather starve (TGTEF does not condone eating disorders, mmkay?) than skip out on a new fall wardrobe, there's one loophole. Invitation-only shopping is a new concept in which a select few are given special codes to shop at online boutiques with some of the hottest designers in the game at dramatic reductions. Shopping almost becomes a competition, with whomever can snag it items the fastest being able to claim themselves victorious--before the remaining stock quickly sells out. Okay, at this point you're probably skipping to the end to see where this is going. So I'll just get to it! I've managed to get in at two of the best examples, Gilt Groupe and Rue La La (recent sales include Marc Jacobs and Acne Denim.) If you'd like an invitation to either of these, leave your name and email in the comments!
picture from adclassix.com
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Anonymous said...

I recently joined Gilt Groupe and have been obsessed! They have such an amazing roster of designers (I just bought a Chloe backless dress for $350!)...I don't know what I'd do without my Gilt indulgences! :)

Joey said...

Oh definitely. It's amazing how many great designers they're able to get. I guess they just have some strong connections. Thanks for your comment!