Day and Age

I don't believe there's a single person in the world who doesn't like the Killers. And now that it's finally here, time to review their new album!

Here's the first single released off the album, Human.

for the rest of the tracks, click

My personal favorites were Spaceman, an upbeat, dancefloor track, and This Is Your Life, even though the music itself is really more interesting than the lyrics, since its backed by a great bass line, as well as a sort of tribal-chant.
Other tracks include Losing Touch, a jazzy, smooth listen, Joy Ride, which transports you back to the 70's with its disco-y feel. The album then slows down a bit with A Dustland Fairytale, a sad ballad. But it picks up again quickly with I Can't Stay, which features steel drums and acoustic guitar for a fun medley. Neon Tiger is somewhat reminiscent of Sam's Town, and when followed by The World We Live In, I found it kind of like a slump in the middle of the album (more about that later). In Goodnight, Travel Well, is like seven minutes of reflection, and I'll bet if you really listened to it you'd find a lot of meaning (but I unfortunately didn't have that kind of time.)
As for the bonus track, A Crippling Blow, the beat almost made it 60's reminiscent, and its also an amazing display of vocals from Brandon Flowers!
With every new album, there are some songs that jump right out at you. These are usually the singles; the hits. Its the other songs, the songs that take a few listens to sink in, are the ones that really resonate. So if I just dissed your favorite song, don't be mad, I just haven't had time to appreciate them fully.

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