Our Life on the Blogging D-List

Every Thursday at 10 I sit down and watch the hilarious My Life On the D-List, a reality show on Bravo that follows the self-proclaimed, and I have to concur, "hilarious Kathy Griffin." Why do I find it so funny? Maybe it's the fact that I confess I'm a celebrity gossip junkie, and Kathy Griffin is like my enabler with her highly amusing anecdotes. But recently, it could be that I resonate with her bid to find fame, recognition, and, most importantly, publicity. Yes, believe or not, preaching to a non-existent choir can be frustrating, and with a blog that, at last check, had 3 views other than either of us, the concept is close to my heart.
Publicity has been a buzz word for my blogging parter-in-crime Meg and I, and with our highly embarrassing statistics, we feel the pressure more than ever. We've tried a video on youtube, followed up by incessant friend requests. (we just felt the cold hard slap of reality with a "who are you people and how did you find me?"-type message) But now we have a new brilliant and shameless plan.
Every day Yahoo!(tm, copyrighted, don't sue us please) collects the statistics of Yahoo searches all over the world, and posts the most popular ones. Now, as interesting as it is to know that Jessica Alba is the most searched person on the internet, (did anyone steal that title?) we've figured out a much better way to use these statistics. A sort of "Internet world domination," if you will.
For the next couple of weeks we're going to be blogging about these top searches, putting aside any slight bit of pride and/or ego we may have. And while you may not care about Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud member, today's top search, congrats Cheryl) we ask that you bear with us for the time being in a series of posts we like to call Our Life on the Blogging D-List.
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