2008 Beijing Olympics!

Photobucket Although there were a few politically awkward moments, The Olympics always manage to get past any conflict. In ancient Greece, wars would be stopped in order for the games to go on. Last night, The Chinese went all out for Beijing Olympics, and a big thanks to them for being great hosts. As a theatre techie myself, I have to be amazed with how the opening ceremony went off without a hitch! I cant imagine how many people worked on that and for how long. There were tens of thousands of performers in perfect unison, along with a grand pyrotechnic display (that's fireworks if you didn't know) and the largest LED screen in the world was rolled out on the floor. Another amazing feat i thought was the curtain that was hung across the entire top of the stadium, stretching a quarter of a mile! The curtain, called a scrim, is special in the sense that images can be projected onto it, but if lit from behind, you can also see through it. This way, when the fireworks went off, people in the stadium could see. But overall, the most impressive feat was during the lighting of the Olympic torch, when a popular Chinese athlete was hoisted into the air with wires, and ran/flew around the entire stadium. (see pic above)

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