Spirit Awards

At the parade of nations last night, everybody got to make their grand entrance, and for some teams, this was their whole Olympics. Many countries never win a medal, possibly due to limited resources. So we decided to give out our own awards. Welcome to TGTEF 1st Spirit Awards!!!

Gold- Austria. Even though the Austrians came late in the program, came out with all its members doing quite a spirited little dance.

Silver- Italy. When they entered, it was like an explosion of red, white and green! Athletes were climbing on each other's shoulders waving their flags high.

Bronze- USA. Looking quite sharp in their Ralph Lauren uniforms, the Americans were lively and energetic. They were clearly in it to win it.

Best Dressed Teams
Gold- The Netherlands. Their Balenciaga-esque grey schoolboy blazers with white piping against the pop of the orange ties suggests a team that is on the edge and modern, choosing to embrace current trends rather than address the classics.
Silver- Canada. Canada was less formal with their choice of clothing, choosing to ignore the typical attire for more athletic clothing adorned with maple leaves.
Bronze- France. The French have no choice but to be chic, with wide sashes and berets for the women and blazers and fedoras for the men.
A special award goes to the host country, The Chinese. They apparently saved the best for last, and when they came out, the crowd went wild! By far the tallest flag bearer, Yao Ming, marched proudly with a heroic little boy who was a survivor of the earthquakes in May, and saved 2 of his fellow classmates as well. This entrance was a very proud moment in Chinese history, so congratulations, and thank you again for being such great hosts! Also, we just have to give some credit to the Chinese cheerleaders, who greeted each country, and kept jumping up and down for three hours in high-heeled boots!

As of now, the USA leads in the medal race with 3, while China and Korea follow close behind with 2.

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