Burt's Bee Lip Gloss


Meg: i think i can come up w/ sumthing [to post] by 2mr... its so close i can taste it!!!
Joey: lol
Meg: omg
& it tastes like citrus fruit!!!
Joey: lol
Meg: whateves, ive got my post

What tastes like citrus fruit you ask? Only the best thing since the 80's! Now most will be familiar with Burt's Bees cosmetics? (If you're not, their products are sold in most CVS stores now.) It's the perfect product line for anyone eco-conscious since its all natural and the containers are made from recycled plastic. Now, it used to be that you had three choices when it came to your lips. You could use their original, and most celebrated product, the beeswax lip balm which is great, and tastes like mint. They also had lip gloss, which came in a little pot, and had a few fruity flavors.Then they came up with "lip shimmer" which is in a tube like the balm. Something is usually a bit off about that one. Either the consistency was too soft so that it seemed like it was always melted, or the color wasn't quite right.
Now, a new product has come out, and it has just been the answer to our prayers! Introducing the new, Burt's Bees, super shiny, natural lip gloss! It comes in an easy, squeezable tube, and you guessed it - fun citrusy flavors!

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