My Favorite Kids Shows

Kids shows strictly for kids? Don't believe the hype! In case you ever find yourself up in the wee hours of the morning, and Regis is not on Regis and Kelly (seriously, Reege, pull it together)these are my recommendations for the kid in all of us!

•Weekdays at 10:30 AM on Nick Jr.
In this Icelandic import, the not-so-lazy,synthetic pink-haired protagonist Stephanie moves to a town where everyone is lazy! Fret not, young Stephanie, for our fearless leader Sportacus is here to save the day. All you have to do to reach the mysterious Sportacus is put a letter in a special mailbox which is then delivered to his plane/house in the sky and he will rush down and help the lazy kids of LazyTown. If this alone isn't enough reason to watch, there's always Robbie Rotten, the Grinch-like villain who plans foolproof disguises to spoil all the fun. Plus they have the tendency to break into sugar coated techno songs about the lessons they've learned.
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The Doodlebops•Weekdays at 9:30 AM on Playhouse Disney
The Doodlebops, this time Canadian, follows the lives of the extremely in-demand kids band by the same name. They can't go anywhere without being followed by legions of adoring fans, which I think is inspiring given the fact that they look something like homeless muppets shopping at the most sparkly goodwill in aaaalllll the land. It's amazing, I promise! You'll come for the "Don't Pull the Rope!" gag that gets better every time, but you'll stay for "Get on the Bus."
Dragon Tales•Weekdays at 8:00 AM on PBS
What's not to like? Spicy Latina jalapeños Max and Emmy discover that by way of a bizarre ritual that involves clutching a rock and chanting,they can be transported to a magical world of lovable dragons! Cassie has always been the best, but we can pretend to like the annoying Zak and Wheezie too. Plus, the DragonTunes? Genius! Max and Emmy are basically a big F U to Dora, who will never be as spicy as those two.

Well, that's it kiddies! Set your alarms or fire up your Tivos. And remember, BOYCOTT HIP HOP HARRY!

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