The Odd Couple

Hello readers! First of all I just want to apologize that I didn't keep my promise from my last post when I said it would be only 1 day we would be gone. We experienced some technical difficulties... But anyway, lets just get right along with it.
Its been a little while since the most recent Gnarls Barkley album, The Odd Couple has come out, but i still find it fabulous, and highly underappreciated. Seriously! When I first got it, and heard "Run," I thought to myself, "this is definitely going to be a hit!" But apparently it's been taking its time getting there... So I figured, why not give it an extra little push? I don't want one of my favorite groups to be only known as one hit wonders!!! I've picked out a few of the best songs on the album, and i want you all to listen, love, and spread the glory of them-
The Best of The Odd Couple
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