Passing Judgement:Gossip Girl Season Premiere

Joey: so
gossip girl
Meg: ooooo
1st things 1st
nate has sunken to a new low
Joey: lol
how so?
the lace-up top?
Meg: a married lady
Joey: lol
but also the lace-up top
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Meg: lol
Joey: did you see that thing?
Meg: idk
Joey: well I did
and it hurt
but idk
I don't think that guy is really a duke or whatever
unless he's just a really bad actor
Meg: lol
hes in the book & hes legit
so i think yes
Joey: oh
well thats just gonna get boring
I have to say
when it seemed like blair & chuck were gonna get back together, I was kinda dissapointed
Meg: lol
Joey: because it was like they just broke everyone up randomly at the end of the season
and now everyone's gonna get back together
Meg: lol
well chuck & blair were kinda random to begin with
Joey: yeah i know
I remember how weird it was at first
Meg: lol
Joey: but now they're like the golden couple
Meg: i thought it was kinda sweet how much he liked her, but then i wuz like, wait... its chuck...
he shud b brought down a notch
so i hoped she'd say no
am i evil?
Joey: lol
I think so too
he was like a rapist in the first episode
Meg: LOL
in the book he was never this nice
he was like that all the time
Joey: yeah
and they tried to make him like that again in the finale
but it really didn't work
Meg: lol
Joey: but how fabulous were the hamptons?
they kept having all those long scenic shots
Meg: lol
Joey: but i'm glad
because I guess they're leaving them like now
and i want it to be NY in the fall again
Meg: lol
Joey: lol
what about him?
M: he's chucks mini-me
Joey: lol
Meg: its so weird!!!!
Joey: he's like a sidekick
M: lol
Joey: lol
what a loser
M: lol
wow, ur nice
Joey: he couldn't even write his story!
M: lol
well u never have writers block
Joey: lol
M: u wudnt understand
Joey: yes I do!
M: *sobs
Joey: but he had an idea
he was just lazy
and then he had a full house moment
on the phone with his dad
M: lol
omg i LOVED the scene w/ him & serenas grandma
Joey: lol
u did?
I didn't get it
It was like
we're REALLY supposed to believe that she's had a sudden change of heart?
M: lol
Joey: that's meeting her more than halfway
she was like this evil witch in the cottilion episode

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