Today in Fashion Week:September 11th

Hola everyone! I've decided that the format I'm going to follow for the remainder of fashion week/month is going to be kind of a daily rundown.It'll be posted around 10 pm daily.It should hopefully make it a lot easier for both of us to follow! (Note:I won't be posting the full shows anymore, but if you want to see them style.it usually has the full thing up first)
Today's Shows:
Vera Wang

Best Look:

My Thoughts:
There's no question she's got skill, but I've never been a huge Vera Wang fan. This season she tried to be a little edgier, which I support, but her Marni and Givenchy "inspired" looks were a little too obvious.
To see the rest, including Calvin Klein, Rebecca Taylor , and VPL, click

Victoria Bartlett plays around with stretch fabrics and athletic wear for a ready to wear look. Each show keeps getting better, but, and I hate to be the bearer of knock-off news, the stacked star necklace?
Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor's show looks a little bit like what Lauren Conrad might put together to make an attempt at hippie-chic. However, LC aside, it's not necessarily a bad thing. The collection is easy breezy beautiful without forcing the concept on you.
Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley riffed on fall's body con movement and kept her 35 looks close to the body. Overall, it was an ok collection, but nothing particularly exciting.
Calvin Klein
Francisco Costa kept it minimalistic as always this season. The only color sent down the runway was a vibrant blue, other than that it was purely whites and creams etc. AMEN to embracing the season. Stop putting leather on the spring runways!
Tommy Hilfiger

No surprise here: classic American prep. But Hilfiger has honed his skills in the genre well enough that he's able to turn out a few smart looks among the boring.

Zac Posen and Christian Siriano will be added to tomorrow's post.

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