Today in Fashion Week:September 12th

Today marks the end of New York Fashion week. The standouts for me have been Obedient Sons & Daughters, Karen Walker, Marc Jacobs, and Marchesa. But as we say goodbye to the city that never sleeps, we still have a few more shows to examine. Let's get to it. Shall we?

Project Runway

My beloved Leanne is finally getting her day(s) on Project Runway and with her Bryant Park offering she'll definitely win. She's the only one that really matters. But I will say, I've hated Jerell all along but his collection was better than I'd expect. Sort of a sequined embroidered pirate funfest. Kenley was good, but if she really doesn't follow collections she must have a cosmic connection with Nicholas Ghesuire and Alexander McQueen. Other than those looks she didn't really show anything with substance, but she has a specific niche that I think she could appease. Joe was trying for classic American, but ended up with "letha" and unflattering pants. Suede's collection was beyond words in the worst way possible. Korto was very disappointing, because it was the worst thing it could be:bland. Overall, the talent factor is simply not there this season, besides Leanne (I luhv yew gurl) so I have high hopes for its move to Lifetime. Maybe a little change will be good.
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Christian Siriano

This post is a little Project Runway-licious (there you go Blayne, sorry the whole..."design"thing didn't work out for you. Ask Sunset Tan if they're interested in making their show even more annoying.) I loved Christian's work on the show, so I was expecting a little more from him if he wanted to make an impression. But, putting it in perspective, it was a pretty good debut. Next time, however, I hope he'll rely on his own innovation rather than established trends.

Ralph Lauren

Every season Ralph Lauren manages to be unassuming yet elegant. He knows his customer like no one else, providing not just a brand but a lifestyle. He's created an unconventional luxury line that is coveted and accessible at the same time, and he is extremely respectable for that reason. His customers will surely be smitten come next spring when they can have their Annie Hall moment with his tan suits.

Donna Karan

I made a mental list of other designers' work I noticed trickling down, but I've decided I don't want to keep tabs on that anymore. So, that being said, Donna Karan is another designer whose appeal I can appreciate but do not personally see. DKNY was one of my favorites this season, so it's certainly not a matter of Karan herself, but the aesthetic she chooses to relay in her main line.

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka was light as a feather this season, with frilly floor length gowns and plenty of high society-ready looks.

Chado Ralph Rucci

Chado Ralph Rucci was another one that did structured this season with mini skirt-suits. Jewel tones were definitely a trend for New York.

Zac Posen

I've heard a lot of gripes about this, but I actually really like it. He went for an alternative meaning to the 80's comeback with chongalicious results. If anyone can pull it off, it's the models!

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