Today in Fashion Week:September 23rd

Today's the day, folks! It's Prada time at last. Let's just get to it!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Miuccia, every season you get more and more brilliant! After last season's hyper-conservative look, she loosened up a little...ok a lot (think exposed navels and bra tops) with a collection that is artfully chaotic. The phrase "method to the madness" comes to mind. There were shorts that turned in to skirts on one side (it makes more sense when you see it) and tops that loosely hung off the bottom in that perfect messy-chic way. It's sort of what Marc Jacobs did last Spring in a far less kitschy way. After fairies and nuns, Miuccia turned to fish this season, decorating the runway with them and emblazoning them on select garments. The crinkled fabric? Sure to be imitated next fall. Prada is one of the true innovators and trend setters in the industry.

To see the rest, including Moschino, Blumarine, and Bottega Veneta, click

Moschino began by bring back the harlequin diamond patter of seasons past, continued with a 60's twist complete with dame edna glasses, and finished off with couture ruffles on ready to wear shapes. Sound exhausting? It was. But in a good way! It was flashy and bold, with bows and flowers as big as the sky. Well done!


Whenever I see a Blumarine collection, my mind instantly goes to Charlotte York from Sex and the City. It's proudly classic and conservative in a way that's also bold and different. My favorite was definitely the headpieces. They reminded me of the palms passed out on Palm Sunday, but in a "I saw this in an art gallery" sort of way.

Salvatore Ferragamo

I don't really have much to say about this. It was that loose feel we're definitely going for this Spring.


Fun fact:I'm head over heels in love with the pajama thing. Another fact: Etro did it big time. Pajamas as daywear were mixed in to the Etro staples and it definitely made an impression on me. It's sort of working towards that relaxed 80's working woman look, completed with loose rolled blazers with sharp shoulders.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta began its show with a slew of leatha. Howeva, I don't love leatha in the spring and summa weatha. (yup, YUP!!) That sort of put a damper on the rest of the collection, but I was impressed by a lot of it. Just please, for the love of god, leave leatha out of this.

Jil Sander

According to Cathy Horyn, the pictures from Jil Sander don't do the show justice. I can sort of see what she means, as there are hidden intricacies from delicate fringe to hidden drapes and experimentation with fit. To the untrained eye, this collection was dull, but in reality it was expertly crafted.

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