If Real TV Were More Like Model.Live...

I've been watching Model.Live religiously, and I am, of course, addicted. All the promises have been kept, and it really feels like you're experiencing the real world of modeling. Footage taken from just a few days earlier is edited into episodes that are short enough to leave me wanting more, yet satisfying because they don't feel dragged out. The difference from televised shows is clearly noticeable, mostly because it's not all happy endings. So far Madeline has failed to book any shows in Milan or Paris, and couldn't go to London at all because of a problem with her work visa. Tired from all her castings, she repeatedly told the cameramen to stop filming, before admitting that "everyone wants Cato." And it's true! Cato has victoriously been picked for a number of big shows, and continues to be the it girl of the three. Meanwhile, Austria has failed to impress casting directors and is contemplating going home. If you can't already tell, I'm obsessed, but just how much it works makes me wonder; why can't something like this be on TV? Lord knows people have tried, but America's Next Top Model becomes increasingly inauthentic, and TLC's A Model Life didn't reach the level of realism shown in Model.Live. So if this can be broadcasted online, why not on TV? Or are we actually coming to a world where online shows are just as credible?
picture from Cato's bebo account

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