Riding The Britney Comeback Train

We all know that Britney Spears has had some rough patches recently, so I've been patient with writing anything about her thus far. Well, this time, I'm convinced. There's been a few false second comings of the Britney we all know and love, but now I think she's really back.
It all started a few months ago, when, after staying relatively out of the limelight;she launched a comeback centered around the VMA's. After a whole bunch of back and forth about whether or not she'd be performing, she didn't. Instead she coherently kicked off the show and won three awards. Okay, not much of an achievement, but we're talking baby steps here!
While the smell of renewed Britney love filled the air, her record label took advantage of the opportunity and announced her next album. Circus, due December 2nd (less-than-coincidentally her birthday), was put together while she was undergoing this miraculous recovery and features collaborations in some degree with Lady GaGa, Lil Jon, Keri Hilson, and a whole long list of other equally notable people.
While at that point I was still a little skeptical, it's her upcoming video for her new single Womanizer that I'm waiting for to make my final judgment. From what I've seen so far, it promises to only further solidify her return. So join me in sitting through 20/20 tomorrow (Friday, October 10th) to see its premiere. It's been long time coming, but Britney's back!

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