Today in Fashion Week:October 3rd

The shows officially end in two days, and while it feels like forever ago that New York was kicking off, it's starting to make me sad. Luckily, there are still a bunch of shows to get through, so without further ado...

At a time when recession is on everyone's lips, Chanel can rest easy. Buzzwords like "staples" "classics" and "timeless" might as well rhyme with Chanel. Nobody knows this better than Karl Lagerfeld, who has taken to simply updating the classics every season. This means that those of us looking for something new and different will have to find it elsewhere (the Chanel runway sets get more and more impressive, for a start) However, Chanel truly is ubiquitous in its appeal, so even the most die hard modernism fan can find their kicks somewhere. For me? The headpieces and the bags were certainly highlights!

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Requim had that ironic elegance feel to it. Like, a young girl who embraces elegance in a way that is still hopelessly hip. Blair Waldorf comes to mind.


Certainly the hottest gossip of the season is that of the fate of Alessandra Facchinetti. Now, WWD is reporting that it's just about official. (However, Giambattista Valli will not be replacing her.) Last season was, in my opinion, a success from her. This season was much less of a spectacle. The clothes were pretty but didn't have staying power. They were lackluster, and something with a little more of a kick to it would be more appropriate for the brand.

Rue du Mail

Rue du Mail was dark and downtown. Nothing new from them, but I liked the corset looks!

Alexander McQueen

After last season, Alexander McQueen set the bar pretty high, and I'm sorry to say; I think he failed to reach it. I respect him for not being uninspired, but I found myself flipping through waiting for the moment I "got it." Sometimes I sort of did, but the successes were too far and few between.

Alright! Tomorrow brings Chloe and more!

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