5 Reasons to Watch Skins

Unless you're living in Europe there's not a very good chance that you're familiar with Skins. Basically, Skins is a huge hit british TV show that follows 8 teenagers (Tony, Sid, Maxxie, Chris, Anwar, Cassie, Jal, and Michelle) who live in Bristol,England. There's nothing really special about them, they all attend public school and have relatively normal lives, but this show proves that sometimes "normal" is more interesting than anything. The show has yet to air in the United States, but luckily that's about to change when it comes to BBC America (check your local listings)on August 13th. I myself have been cheating a little and watching it online. And I've compiled a list of why I think you should tune in at 9:00 pm on August 17th.

1.Great Acting-Look out for Hannah Murray (Cassie) in particular
2.Awesome Music-Indie Rock etc.
3.The Little Boy from About a Boy plays Tony!
4.If you don't, BBC America might take it off the air, and then you'll never be able to watch it!
5.Because it's fabulous. And I should know.

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