Ugly Betty Can't Stop Finding Love

A lot of stuff went down on last season's finale of Ugly Betty. Lindsay Lohan guest starred in a random and confusing opening flashback sequence, Wilhelmina finally became editor and chief of Mode, leaving Daniel out of a job, and Betty had some decisions to make. For someone considered so ugly, she sure does have a lot of romantic interests. First there was Walter, a nerd who worked at a Best Buy-like establishment and then moved to Maryland, and eventually there was Henry, a nerdy accountant at Mode who's had some romantic drama of his own, and then all of a sudden a sandwich maker named Gio showed up. As Betty got over the loss of Henry in her life, she agreed to go to Rome with Gio. Almost on cue, Henry showed up begging her to move to Tuscon with him. The end of the last season showed Betty leaving the house with a suitcase, but didn't exactly give any hints. Now it seems we know what she did, so to find out
It looks like Betty chooses neither. Christopher Gorham, who plays Henry, is signed on to pilots for CBS, and Freddy Rodriguez is reportedly signed on for only more episode, as well as multiple projects including the thriller Identity with Timothy Hutton. That doesn't mean that Betty's loveless. Val Emmich, who guest starred in 30 Rock last season as Liz Lemon's younger love interest, will appear on Ugly Betty next season as a possible new love interest. Elsewhere in the UB world, Eddie Cibrian will reprise his role as Justin's gym teacher who is having his own thing with Betty's sister Hilda. And make sure to watch out for Lindsay Lohan again when she returns for a series of episodes.
Val Emmich
pictures from Popcrunch and Stephen Bailey

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