Monthly Wrap-Up Post:July 2008

Hello everyone! Welcome to our monthly wrap-up post, which we're hoping to do every month from now until our little blog is no more. First off, congratulations to us! It's about a month since we started this site and we're just starting to get in to the swing of things. I don't have much to say this month, except that you should definitely keep coming back because we're putting a lot of effort in to it!
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Thats right Joey. Hey everybody! Im back from vacation and ready to get to work. This month we're getting excited about posting things we've been considering all of last month but never got around to. For instance, we're introducing themed days. Now im still waiting on YouTubers for my post, but apparently Joey is more successful in the interviewing field... Still, we're also going to try to make another video on YouTube, and suggestions are more than welcome!
Thanks for reading! Happy August!


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