Another TV Update

When I'm not preparing my comprehensive and genius coverage of fashion week, I like to partake in the great American pastime of TV. TV is having sort of a renaissance, with the lesser programs of the season (hello Do Not Disturb and Knight Rider) either canceled or extremely close to it. TV is arguably better than what's showing in theaters these days, so I'm happy to be a viewer! I give you my thoughts on Ugly Betty and The Office, after you click

Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty is one of my favorites, so I waited for this with baited breath. After the predictable but most likely necessary solution to last season's cliffhanger, Betty returned home from a cross country trip where she went to "find out who she was." Cheesy, but the checklist that Betty came up with for a more successful year served as a good outline for the episode. 1.More responsibility at work. Betty returns to a revamped Mode (Marc and Amanda stole the show once again.) only to find that Daniel's office is now a nursery, and he no longer works there. She travels downstairs to Player magazine, Daniel's brainchild and the "third bestselling no-nudity men's magazine in the country." The new receptionist got a lot of laughs, but my reaction to this change of scenery was similar to Betty's, not good. Luckily I have faith that the writers will find some way to get Betty back to where she rightfully belongs. 2.Her own apartment in the city. Betty, wonderfully naive, fell for the ways of a fast talking New York City real estate agent and ended up with the worst apartment ever. Luckily, her family pulled through and fixed up the place, and I have a feeling she'll Betty-ize it enough. 3. No more romantic entanglements. Easy enough, until she meets Val Emmich's character in her building. I think I like him better than Henry and Gio, mostly because he's pretty much Betty's polar opposite. Also of note:Lindsay Lohan began her role. I can't tell whether it was amazing or awful, really. She didn't have a lot of lines, but she was pretty funny at some parts! All in all, it's a good role for her to restart her career with.

The Office
I have to say, this just may go down in history as the best episode ever! Fan favorites Jim and Pam are finally engaged, and of course it was in front of a gas station/rest stop. My favorite character, however, is Kelly, and this was a great episode for her! There was a company-wide weight loss competition, and of course she was all over it. She went for the lemonade diet, and looked a lot like death. Hands-down the funniest moment of the episode was when she fainted on the scale. I could go on and on about the goings on, but I think I...won't. Just watch it!

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