Tv Updates

"Thanks Mr. Turtle! You saved me!"
"Why are you talking to a turtle?" (lol)

It's been awhile since we've talked about our favorite shows hasn't it?
While i am super excited to start on Heroes, i must restrain myself. Because Gossip Girl has taken off in a whole new direction. It's getting back to basics with the drama, and our forecast for next week? With Dan out of the way, Serena and Blair will go at each other like old times. Overall, we love it. Although, with all this scandal, it does get to be a little much. Like the creators of the show are trying too hard to keep viewers attention.

We're pretty divided when it comes to Privileged, the other new show on the CW. Joey likes it, saying that its funny, and much better than 90210 was. But I'm bored by it. Maybe it's because the main character is just too much like myself, lol. (Come on, she even stole my name!!!)

The Heroes two hour season premiere i must say was superb!
Hiro and Ando have gotten themselves into another pickle (you gotta love them). A new character, with a new power has come into the picture. Yep, it seems the storyline CAN get more complicated after all.

Meanwhile, I think Mohinder had gotten tired of not making any progress what-so-ever with his thing, so he got a little compulsive when he finally figured out the... whatever it is that gives the people the powers. On the other hand, its going to be fun to see him in action!

Don't you ever wonder, where did they find this guy? He's such a great actor, along with begin quite intimidating. Hes just the ultimate villain!

So everyone get psyched for tomorrow night!!!

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