Today in Fashion Week:September 25th

Oh mio! There's a lot to get through today, so please be patient with poor old Joey!

I was pleasantly surprised by DSquared this season! It's normally one of the shows I write off, but I got a very cool 70's bond girl vibe from it.

To see the rest,including Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, click on the post title!

Max Mara

Max Mara went all minimalistic on us, with takes on the white shirt and gingham. It's another one of the highlights this season. Exactly what a Spring show should be.

Emilio Pucci

Those famously funky love them or hate them patterns took a turn for the geometric this season. It's refreshing to see brands try something new.

Luisa Beccaria

Last season it was Erin Fetherston who tried to emulate Juliet Capulet, but I think it's Luisa Beccaria who emulates her best. The classic, romantic, and girly look is timeless.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana established themselves as the latest proponent of the pajama look with their latest collection. But these aren't your comfy jammys. These are silk versions that wouldn't look out of place strolling down Fifth Avenue.


Ah, Karl Lagerfeld. It's difficult to critique your shows without knowing that you're secretly reading every word in a private jet while an assistant serves you diet coke in a diamond encrusted goblet. But of course you deserve it, because you seem to be completely incapable of a bad collection. Who knows what will happen come Chanel time, but Fendi was good enough on its own.


Gianni Versace allegedly once said "I dress sluts," regarding his sexed-up designs. Donatella is continuing the legacy, judging by the crocodile miniskirts, but this season her slut is looking for love. She adorned the clothes with elementary-style hearts, giving a sweet touch to the seductive style.
That's it for today (and Milan), but come back on Saturday for the first day of Paris!

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