808s & Heartbreak

For someone who could easily be described as overhyped, with him dispersing most of it, Kanye West is having a moment. It's not that I've never liked his music before, it's just that I never really got it. But as he's become an unlikely fashion show attendee and used Sessilee Lopez in one of his videos, I've been paying more attention to him.So when I heard his new single Love Lockdown at the VMA's, I knew it was something I could get behind. His new album 808s & Heartbreak is done entirely with auto-tune, the recording tool best known for making fellow rap star T-Pain a star. With all of the songs revealed so far being related to broken hearts and star-crossed lovers, it's clear he's really going for it. I commend his artistry and ability to define a look. Last time around it was his shutter sunglasses that have quickly become a disgusting frat party staple. This time, he's sticking to his heart motif with flashing heart pins and various other unexpected touches. I'm looking forward to hearing the album on November 25th, but for those of you who can't wait that long: to hear a little preview, click
808s & Heartbreak Preview

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