Project Runway Finale:The Good and The Bad

This season of Project Runway, as I've said before, was seriously lacking in talent. There were a few good ones in there, and luckily the final three were just right. I already gave short reviews of the final collections during fashion week, but I'll expound after seeing them again last night.
First of all, Kenley's wasn't what it should have been. If you're going to make the 50's your signature, you've really got to go for it. I didn't think she pulled it off. While the judges cried Balenciaga, my complaint about the painted dresses is just that they were ugly. Sure, she went for an interesting technique, but her paintings just looked random and ruined what could have been some successes. As for Korto, I think I gave way too harsh a review during fashion week. There were a few really stunning pieces, particularly the one with the voluminous sleeves. I could see her being extremely successful, because she fits the bill for the pack of ubiquitous designers tearing it up in sales. She makes clothes that women would want to wear, and that takes serious skill, so I commend her. Now, Leanne's was really just sensational. I was very proud of my favorite for doing so well. It was all so perfect and floaty, sort of what Erin Fetherston tried and failed to do this season. Now to discuss the results! To avoid spoilers, click
Ahh. We're in the safe spoiler zone now! So basically it went like this: first, Kenley was booted off. I hate her personality, obviously, but her designs were solid. The final collection failed to encompass her ability. Next was Korto. She was a true talent, and if anyone was gonna take it from Leanne, I would be okay-ish with her. Now, obviously, Leanne won. I hate to say I told you so (I LOVE to say I told you so) but, Leanne was one of my picks for the win after the first episode. Along with Wesley. He was prematurely voted off, but I was good with Leanne, right? Now, with an unclear future for the show, I was happy to see Tim Gunn guest judging. Heaven forbid this was the last season ever, it was a fitting tribute to the man that makes the show so iconic. No show has been able to showcase design as well as Project Runway, so needless to say I hope the legal drama is worked out soon.

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